Down with Diets!

Happy New Year Everyone!

My name is Jacqueline but you can call me Jackie if you’d like.


I’m starting this blog because I am sick and tired of going through my own never-ending struggle with (here comes the scary word) …. DIETING.  You all know what I’m talking about…. The “low-carb diet, no-carb diet, my-friend-is-getting-married-in-march-so-I’m-gonna-lose-30-pounds-in-3-weeks diet”… Then there’s the rules, rules, RULES….no eating after 6pm, no eating before 8am, no added sugar, no coffee, yes coffee but only before the gym (or is it after the gym??? Wait HUH?) no refined carbs……okay maybe refined carbs but only a handful.  Just take whatever carbs you can fit in the palm of your hand and before you eat them say a prayer and then dance around in a circle while you swallow because then the exercise you did while you ate them will cancel out what you just put in your mouth! Haha…okay, okay enough joking.  But seriously, how many of you are JUST like me and have tried everything in the book to lose weight?  And, from my perspective, in the short term it always works.  Last year I spent 3 weeks dieting to get in shape so I could meet my boyfriends family on their vacation in Florida.

Boyfriend’s Family….LOVE them!

I was eating nothing but 4oz of lean protein, veggies, a 1/2 cup of brown rice, and a half of an avocado a day.  I had a smoothie in the morning but other than that no fruit, no added sugar, no coffee, no alcohol, and no additional carbs.  Oh and let’s not forget about the vegetable detox broth I drank all day long and convinced myself was “delicious” (Thank you for the recipe Dr. Oz but yuck!). Did I lose weight? Yes. I lost 12 pounds in a month with this crazy strict diet and ample exercise.  But once I got back from Florida I was like a ravenous lion and fried, carba-licious, foods were the gazelle waiting to be preyed upon.  And prey upon those big mac meals from McDonald’s I did (make my meal a large please).  You see, I am a “fast-food” child so anytime a craving kicks in my comfort food is drive-thru friendly.   So I insert my big mac into my pie hole and top my meal down with a heaping serving of any sweet treat I could get my hands on (hazelnut truffles, pistachio ice cream, kit kats….just to name a few).  By the time another month had passed, I’d gained back all the weight plus a little extra.  And I ask, WHY did I put myself through that?! And how many times will I keep doing it before I decide that enough is enough? (And BTW, how much does life suck without delicious food?!!!!) So, I have decided that enough is enough.  No more dieting.  It’s time to just get healthy.  To do something for myself that I can sustain for a lifetime so that I’m not constantly yo-yo dieting or getting sick.  Which is why I will be doing an experiment and posting about it here.

Some of you may have heard of her, while others may not.  Her name is Gina Homolka and she has her own blog called skinnytaste (  I LOVE this website as do millions of other people.  This little lady can cook DELICIOUS food! And the best part is that it’s healthy! I love her so much that I’ve purchased a copy of her cook book “The skinnytaste cookbook: light on calories, big on flavor”….

SkinnyTaste: Light on Calories, Big on Flavor


(This book is a New York Times Bestseller and can be purchased on Amazon for around 18 dollars if you’re interested

My plan for the year is to eat from recipes in this book every week.  I will also be using a couple of spiralizer cook book recipes that were given to me by precious mother.

Mom and I – ain’t she cute?


She lives in Chicago (if you knew that by the cubs shirt in the photo then I already like you!) and bought a spiralizer for me that I’ve yet to pick up due to the awfulness that is Michigan weather.  So, in the future more spiralizer recipes.  For now, skinnytaste all the way.

I’ll be posting pictures of the foods I make from Gina’s cookbook, and commenting about the flavor, my modifications, and any blunders I get into along the way.  It is my hope, that in training myself how to eat yummy and healthy that I’ll feel good from the inside out.  I don’t have a ton of weight to lose, but there is about 10 pounds (maybe 15…shhhh!) of what I’d like to call I-feel-great-about-myself “love” weight that I’ve gained since falling for one of the most incredible men on this earth, my boyfriend Jimmy.  And yes, we like beer.

The boyfriend

So, if I can lose that love weight slowly and keep it off the whole year I’ll be one happy gal.  And if not, at least I’ll be healthy for adopting good eating habits and happy for having gone through one less diet this year.   And, of course, I’ll keep you posted along the way.  Stay tuned for the next 2 posts where I comment on Gina’s Italian Escarole and White Bean Soup followed by her Sweet “n” Spicy Sriracha-Glazed Salmon… Bet your taste buds are sizzling right now huh? Until next time,




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ruben Christy says:

    First of all why are there no pictures of christy and me? Second you can do it in 3 months. Finally you have our support!


    1. Lol sorry loves…. You guys already know what I look like that’s why! But thank you!


  2. Sylvia maldonado says:

    Little girl this blog is cute your beautiful already at your present weight I’m sure Jimmy thinks so to. But I’ll love and support u with your blog that book looks yummy already don’t know when you’ll get the other books n spiralizer but u will love you your mom sylvia


    1. Thanks mom! You always do!


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